Although the battery in your tracker can last up to 30 days, a lot depends on how it is used and where your base station is.

The base station contains a short range radio. When your pet's tracker is close to the base station, the tracker "hears" that radio signal and automatically switches to power saving mode, reducing the load on the battery. But you should keep in mind that although the range of the radio signal is approximately 150 – 200 feet, the signal can be blocked by walls or large metal objects such as appliances.

The following is an estimate of the battery life you can expect:

Type of Use Approximate battery life

Approximate time
until Low Battery Alert

Your pet is close to the base station all the time (Power Save mode) 20 - 30 days 14 - 22 days
Your pet is close to the base station, except for one daily 15 minute walk 14 - 20 days 10 - 14 days
Your pet is away from base station all the time 3 - 4 days 2 - 3 days

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