If you'd like to cancel your Whistle subscription (Tagg 1, Tagg 2 or Whistle GPS), you can do so in the Whistle mobile application. *Note if you're trying to cancel your subscription for a Whistle 3 device, you'll need to contact support via in-app chat or call us at 1-844-594-4785. 

To cancel via the app, please see step-by-step instructions below:

1. In the side menu, select "Your Account" > then select "Subscription"


IMG_0056.PNG                             IMG_0058.PNG


2. Select which pet you'd like to cancel service for and then select "Cancel Subscription"


IMG_0059.PNG                             IMG_0060.PNG


3. Choose a reason for cancellation and press "Continue." On the next screen, you'll need to review & confirm your cancellation. If a refund is in order, then that number will be shown & refunded within 3 business days. You'll also receive a confirmation via email.  


IMG_0062.PNG                              IMG_0063.PNG