1. Remove Whistle 3 from your pet's collar.

2. Attach the cable of the Whistle charging dock to any USB-compatible charging device, such as a powered USB port on your computer, a generic USB charging plug or the Apple charging base that came with your iOS device.  We do recommend using a charging source with an output of 5V-1A.

3. Use a dry cloth to gently wipe the charging contact on the underside of the Whistle device.

4. Align the underside of the Whistle device with the Whistle charging dock, insert the tracker into place and twist clockwise to lock it in and begin charging. The status indicator light on the front of the Whistle will turn orange so you know it's charging. 

5. Leave the Whistle on the charger until the status indicator light turns green, indicating the battery is fully charged. Hang tight! This should take about 2 hours.

You and your pet are now ready to take on the day!


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