Whistle 3 comes with a sturdy and convenient collar attachment that is designed to easily attach to your pet's collar and securely hold the Whistle 3 in place.


Placing the attachment onto your pet's collar

  1. Remove your pet's collar.
  2. Take the collar attachment and the collar strap and place your pet's collar in between the two.
  3. Latch the collar strap to both sides of the collar attachment
  4. Ensure the attachment is fully secured to your pet's collar to keep the device and collar attachment from falling off.

Placing Whistle 3 in the attachment

  1. Take the Whistle and align it perpendicular to the collar attachment.
  2. Insert the bottom of the tracker into the collar attachment.
  3. Turn the Whistle 90 degrees clockwise to lock it into place.

How to Remove the Whistle 3 from the attachment

  1. Locate the button on the side of the collar attachment, then press and hold.
  2. Twist the Whistle 3 90 degrees counterclockwise.
  3. Pull the Whistle 3 out of the attachment.

You and your pet are all set!

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