Absolutely! As long as you're traveling within the United States, you can easily set up a new Whistle zone when you reach your destination.

Bring your charging base station, power cable, power adapter, and tracker with you, preferably in your carry-on luggage.

While you are traveling to your destination (e.g., driving or flying), power off the tracker to prevent notifications from being sent while you are out of your Whistle zone. Click here for more information on powering off the tracker.

Whenever you stop for the night, or when you arrive at your final destination, turn the tracker back on and set up a new Whistle zone. Don't forget to set the Whistle zone to a size that's appropriate for your location.

You may also want to take extra care that the Tagg battery doesn't wear down too quickly. Click here for more information on extending your battery life.


If you have a Tagg GPS Plus, click here for information on traveling with your pet. If you have a Whistle Activity Monitor, click here.