The Whistle mobile app allows you to see your pet's most recent status, activity, and location, as well as see other details  and find its location.

Note: Although you can access the Whistle website on any mobile device, the app is available only for Android and iOS devices. Click here for information on using the Whistle app on an Android device.

1. Visit or the App Store to download our app.

2. Start the Whistle app on your iOS device.

3. On the Home screen, tap Create Account.

4. On the Create a Whistle Account screen, type in your name, email and password.

Note: Your password must contain at least 8 characters.

5. Tap Continue. The Welcome screen appears.

6. On the Welcome to Whistle screen, tap Set Up a New Whistle.


7. On the Choose Device screen, tap Whistle GPS / Tagg GPS +.

8. On the Getting Started screen, tap Continue.

9. On the Enter Tracker ID screen, type in the ID shown on the back of your tracker, then tap Continue. The Create Pet Profile screen appears.


Creating your pet's profile

Whistle uses a profile to store all of your pet's details, including photos, birthday, weight and home city. You can edit this information at any time.

1. On the Create Pet Profile screen, type in your pet's name, birthday, weight.

2. Select the gender of your pet, then select your pet's type (Other Pet or Dog).

3. If you selected Dog, select the breed of your dog.

Note: You don't need to select a breed if you selected Other Pet.

4. Select the city where your pet resides.

5. Tap Continue. The Pick a photo screen appears.


Picking a photo

Your pet has two photos in the Whistle app. The cover photo appears in the background of your timeline, and we'll select that photo now. You can also add a profile photo which appears elsewhere.

1. On the Pick a photo screen, tap Add Photo.

2. You can either select an existing photo or use your device’s camera to capture a new photo.

3. After you have selected a photo, use the adjust and crop controls until you have the image you want.

4. When all changes are made, tap Use. The Set a Goal screen appears.


Setting your pet's daily goal

At this point, you can now select a goal for your pet's daily activity.

1. On the Set a goal screen, tap + and  to select the amount of time you want your pet to be active each day.

2. Tap Continue. The Set Whistle zone screen appears.


Setting your Whistle zone

The next step to set up the Whistle app is to select the zone where your pet will spend its time. If your pet leaves this zone, we will notify you.

1. On the Set Whistle zone screen, tap Continue.

2. On the next Set Whistle zone screen, the first step is to show the general location for your Whistle zone on the map. You can do this in two ways:

  • Type in an address in the Address field.
  • Tap the Arrow icon to select your current location

3. When the map shows the location you want, use the slider or plus / minus buttons to select the size of your Whistle zone.

Note: The outer limits of your Whistle zone can be anywhere from 35 to 500 yards away from the base station, meaning the Whistle zone can be anywhere from 70 to 1,000 yards in diameter.

4. When you've selected the size of the Whistle zone, tap Continue. The Notifications screen appears.


Selecting your notifications

We use notifications to send you various messages about your pet, including messages if they leave their Whistle zone, if they've achieved their daily activity goal, and others. You can choose to receive push notifications, text messages, and email notifications to your smartphone, or none at all.

To allow us to send various types of notifications to your smartphone, do the following:

1. SMS notifications

  • On the Set Notifications screen, tap the slider beside SMS Notifications.
  • In the Phone number field that appears, type in your area code and phone number, then tap Verify.
  • In the Verify Your Phone Number message, type in the verification code we just sent you to your phone number.

2. Email notifications

  • The option to receive email notifications will already be selected. You can opt out of this by turning the slider off.
  • Your account’s primary email address will be populated in the provided field.
  • After setup, you can return to Your Account>Notification Settings to add additional email addresses.

3. Push notifications

Upon first opening the Whistle app, if you opted out of receiving Push notifications, this slider will be switched off. If you’d like to turn Push notifications on at this time, tapping the slider will prompt you to update your preferences in your phone’s Settings:

  • Open the Settings app when prompted within Whistle.
  • On the Settings screen, tap Whistle.
  • On the Whistle screen, tap Notifications.
  • On the Notifications screen, tap the slider beside Allow Notifications.

4. Once you have set your notification preferences for the above, tap Continue. The Select a Service Plan screen appears.

You are able to control who and what type of notifications are received via Your Account > Notification Settings (within the Whistle app) after setup. You can add multiple phone numbers and email addresses, as well as control the types of notifications you receive. Note that each phone number will have to enter the verification code received after each phone number is provided.

Learn more about notification options within Your Account here: How do Whistle GPS Notifications work?


Selecting your Service Plan

We offer a variety of pricing plans that range from a monthly plan to a two-year plan. Each plan shows a price per month, but the entire rate for one-year and two-year plans will be charged to your credit card.

1. In the Select a Service Plan screen, tap the pricing plan you want to choose.

2. In the Confirm service plan screen, type in your credit card number.

3. Tap Continue.

4. Tap Done. The Completion screen appears.

5. Tap Okay to see your pet's new timeline.


You’ve just finished setting up your Whistle GPS! To start using it with your pet, all you need to do is attach Whistle GPS to your pet's collar.


If you have a Tagg GPS Plus, click here for information on setting it up on your iOS device. If you have a Whistle Activity Monitor, click here.