One of the best aspects of our system is the ability to let you know when your pet leaves their Whistle zone. We also offer other notifications, such as when your battery is low or system upgrades are needed. We display notifications in our app and can also send them to you via push notifications to your mobile device, emails to your selected address, and text messages to your cell phone.

Note: If you want, you can also pause notifications for a period of time while your pet is outside your Whistle zone.


Customizing your notifications: Mobile App

1. Using your Whistle mobile app, tap the menu icon and select Your Account>Notification Settings.

2. SMS notifications

  • On the Notifications screen, you can use the slider to turn on SMS Notifications.
  • In the Primary Phone Number field that appears, type in your area code and phone number, then tap Verify.
  • A window will pop up prompting you to enter the code that was just texted to you.
  • You can also enter additional phone numbers for verification in the fields provided. Please note a separate verification code will be sent to each phone number for entry into the app.
  • Below the phone number field, you can turn on/off the following notifications specifically for receiving via SMS.
    • Location notification
    • Device & battery status

3. Email notifications

  • These will be turned on with the user’s primary email address already populated in the first field. Here you can add additional email addresses or turn off Email Notifications by using the slider.
  • Below the email address field, you can turn on/off the following notifications specifically for receiving via email.
    • Location notifications
    • Device & battery status
    • Weekly activity summary

4. Push notifications

  • Select if you’d like to receive Push Notifications by using the slider. If Push Notifications are turned on, you can turn on/off the following notifications specifically for receiving via Push.
    • Locations notifications
    • Device & battery status
    • Timeline
    • Community

iOS Only: If you opted out of receiving Push notifications upon first opening the Whistle app, this slider will be switched off. If you’d like to turn Push notifications on at this time, tapping the slider will prompt you to update your preferences in your phone’s Settings:

  • Open phone's Settings app when prompted within the Whistle app (by tapping the slider).
  • On the Settings screen, tap Whistle.
  • On the Whistle screen, tap Notifications.
  • On the Notifications screen, tap the slider beside Allow Notifications.

5. Notification changes will be automatically saved within the app.


Customizing your notifications: Web App

1. Using any browser, log in to the Whistle Web App.

2. On the menu, click Your Account.

3. On the Your Account screen, click to expand the SMS Notifications section.


4. Type in your primary mobile number and then select the check box beside each SMS notification type that you want to receive:

  • Pet Timeline Activity
  • Location Notifications
  • Community Activity
  • Device & Battery Status


5. Click Save Changes.

6. Click to expand the Email Notifications section.

7. Type in your primary email address, and then select the check box beside each email notification type that you want to receive:

  • Location Notifications
  • Device & Battery Status
  • Weekly Activity Summary



8. Click Save Changes.


Viewing your notification history

1. In the Whistle app, tap the Menu icon.

2. On the Menu, tap Notifications.

3. On the Notifications screen, review the list of notifications.