Attaching the Tagg 1.0 tracker to your pet’s collar is a two-step process. First, you attach the collar clip to your pet’s collar, then you attach the tracker to the collar clip.

Note: Click here for instructions on attaching the Tagg GPS Plus tracker to your pet's collar.


Attaching the collar clip to your pet's collar

1. Remove the collar from your pet.

2. Select the collar strap that best matches the size of your pet's collar (use the clear strap for smaller collars and the gray strap for larger collars).

3. Place the collar clip on top of the collar, with the grooves facing up.

4. Hook one side of the strap into the groove on one side of the collar clip.

5. Holding the clip in one hand, stretch the free end of the strap underneath the collar and attach it to the groove on the other side of the collar clip.


Attaching your tracker to the collar clip

1.  Holding the tracker with the indicator light facing upward, place it lightly on top of the collar clip, parallel with your pet’s collar.

2.  Press down firmly on top of the tracker until you hear two clicks, indicating it is secured to the collar clip posts.

3.  Lightly tug on the tracker to make sure it is securely attached.