If you want to take your pet outside your Whistle zone, you can pause all notifications during that time. Known as Trip mode (Tagg 1.0) or Snooze mode (Tagg GPS Plus), this lasts for 15 minutes, but you can change to this mode as often as you like.

Note: Even when your tracker is in Trip / Snooze mode, you can still use the Locate and Track commands to find your pet.


Tagg GPS Plus

On the Tagg GPS Plus tracker, press the Snooze button once. The indicator light will flash quickly 5 times to indicate the start of Snooze mode.


Tagg 1.0 

On the Tagg 1.0 tracker, double-press the Power/Trip button. The status indicator will flash blue three times to indicate the start of Trip mode, then continue flashing until Trip mode ends in 15 minutes.




If you have a Whistle GPS, click here for more information on pausing notifications.