The battery in your Tagg tracker is designed for long life and robust use. Click here to see an estimate of expected battery life.

However, if you're having trouble charging the battery or with how long it lasts, please review the following items. If you make the changes we suggest and still don't see an improvement, please click Submit a Request on this page to get in touch with us.


Is the base station plugged in?

1. Make sure all the base station cables are securely attached.

2. Make sure a light appears on the base station.

3. Click here for more information on the best location for your base station.


Is the tracker properly connected to the base station?
The tracker and the base station have to be in close contact in order for battery charging to occur.

1. Does the tracker attach securely to the base station?

2. Are the contacts on the tracker pushed firmly against the pins on the base station?

3. Is the light on the tracker coming on and either flashing or staying solid?

Tagg GPS Plus base station

Tagg 1.0 base station


Are you using the original Tagg equipment?

It is very important that you use only the equipment provided with your Tagg system. We cannot guarantee the performance or reliability of our trackers unless you use the correct power adapter and cables.

To make sure the power adapter is one that we provided, turn it over and verify that the code displayed is one of the following:

  • Tagg 1.0: WS-227-40
  • Tagg GPS Plus: 60056701050R

Tagg GPS Plus power adapter

Tagg 1.0 power adapter


Does the Page function work?

The Page function can do more than just tell you where your pet is. It can also indicate if the tracker is within the Power Save range of the base station.

1. On the base station, press the Page button.

2. Check the indicator light on the tracker and see if it starts flashing within six minutes.

Note: The Tagg GPS Plus light will flash orange, while the Tagg 1.0 light will flash blue and red.

3. If the light does not start flashing, the tracker may be outside the range of the base station. Move the station to an area that is closer to where your pet normally spends most of its time. This will allow the tracker to go into Power Save mode, conserving battery power.


Tagg GPS Plus Page button


Tagg 1.0 Page button