The Whistle Activity Monitor comes with a sturdy strap and attachment that are designed to easily attach to your pet's collar and securely hold the Whistle in place.


Assembling the Whistle strap and attachment

Note: If the attachment is already secured to the strap, skip to Placing Whistle in the attachment.

1. Turn the Whistle attachment over so that the two slotted bars are facing up.

2. Insert the strap through the two bars and push the attachment to the middle of the strap.


Placing Whistle in the attachment
1. On the attachment, press in the tabs on either side.
2. With the tabs pressed in, align the notches on the base of the Whistle device with the attachment and press in.
3. Turn the Whistle clockwise to lock the device into place.
4. To detach the Whistle device for charging, simply press the tabs on the attachment and turn the Whistle counterclockwise.

Attaching Whistle to your pet's collar

1. Remove the collar from your pet.

2. Place the collar on top of the Whistle strap.

3. Fold the strap ends over the collar, placing the R end on the top and the L end on bottom.

4. Press one of the holes on the L end of the strap down over the metal post. Make sure the strap fits securely to your pet's collar.

5. Fold the R end of the strap over the same metal post, and press down securely.

6. Place the collar back on your pet.