The main screen of the Whistle app is a timeline of your pet's daily activity. You can scroll through previous days, zoom to see more detail and view events.


Viewing your pet's location

If you want to quickly see where your pet is, drag down on the Timeline screen, and then tap View <pet's name> Location. The Maps screen appears.



Viewing data from previous days

To data from previous days, all you have to do is tap on the day you want, or tap and drag across the screen, in either direction, to scroll through the available days.


Zooming in

To get a closer look at intensity data from a particular day, just double-tap that portion of the timeline. Double-tap again to return to the full timeline. 

Note: The activity intensity graph automatically changes its size and the height of the peaks according to your pet's activity level.


Scrolling through events

As activity events are created, they show up behind the timeline. To scroll through them, simply place your finger on an event and drag it up or down. Click here for more information on reclassifying events.

Note: If your pet is not a dog, only Active and Resting activity types are shown in our app.


Filtering highlights

As your pet's timeline becomes filled with highlights, you can choose to show only specific types of highlights. Click here for more information on adding highlights.

1. Place your finger on the Timeline screen and drag down until a menu appears.

2. Select the type of highlight you wish to see.