When you add a family member or friend to your Whistle Community, you'll be able to follow their pets' activities, share content like highlights or tips, and ask pressing questions. Best of all, they'll become an integral part of our popular and growing community of like-minded pet owners and friends.


Adding friends

1. In the Whistle app, tap the Menu icon.

2. In the menu, tap Your Friends.

3. On the Your Friends screen, tap the Search icon.

4. You can either type in your contact's name directly or select either Facebook, Twitter or Contacts to search for contacts.


5. Tap to select your contact and then tap Invite. An invitation will be sent to your contact, who will be asked to install the Whistle app and then accept your friend request.


Following other pets

1. After your contact has accepted your friend invitation, tap the Menu icon and then tap Your Friends.

2. On the Your Friends screen, tap to select your new contact.

3. On your friend's Profile screen, tap Pets.

4. On your friend's pets screen, tap the Plus icon beside the pet you want to follow.

5. Tap the Menu icon and then tap Pets You Follow.

6. On the Pets You Follow screen, you will see the new pet. Tap to select that pet.

7. The selected pet's profile will appear.


Note: You'll be able to view the pet's profile and trends but their Timeline can be seen only by owners of that pet.