Although technically your pet may have only one or two actual owners, Whistle gives you the ability to have up to six people designated as "owners". Owners can be people like loved ones, family members, pet sitters, or anyone else who wants to share in your pet's daily life.

Adding new owners is a simple two-step process where you use the Whistle app to invite the new owner, and that person accepts the invitation and pairs their Whistle app with your pet.


Inviting new owners

1. In the Whistle app, tap the Trends icon.


2. On the Trends screen, tap the arrow underneath the Active heading.

3. On the Manage Owners screen, tap Add Owners.

5. Either pick the new owner from your Contacts app, or type in their email address.

6. Tap Add, then tap Done.


Becoming a new owner

1. In your email application, open the invitation message you received from


2. Follow the instructions in the email to download the Whistle app and accept the invitation.

3. In the message that appears asking you to pair with the pet's Whistle Activity Monitor, tap Pair Phone.

4. Follow the remaining instructions to become part of the pet's daily life.

Note: You only need to connect to Wi-Fi if you are on a new network.