If your wireless network uses a Linksys or Cisco/Linksys router, you may have issues when you try to connect Whistle to your Wi-Fi network.

While setting up the Whistle app (on either an Android device or an iOS device), if you see this message after selecting a Wi-Fi network, you will need to change a setting on your wireless router.

Note: We are working to prevent this issue from occurring and intend to send out an app update as soon as possible. 


Switching from WP2/WPA Mixed Mode

On certain Linksys and Cisco/Linksys routers, you will need to select a security setting that is compatible with Whistle.

For more information, you can visit http://support.linksys.com.


1. In your web browser, visit to access your router's settings page.

2. When you are asked for your username and password, leave the username field blank and, in the password field, type in admin.

Note: If you previously changed your login details, use that information instead.

3. On your router's settings page, select the Wireless tab, then select Wireless Security.

4. Beside Configuration View area, select Manual.

5. Beside Wireless Security, select either WPA Personal or WPA2 Personal. We do not recommend selecting WEP as it is an older, less secure setting.

6. When all changes are made, click Save Settings.

7. Open the Whistle app and select your Wi-Fi network again.

If the problem persists, click Submit a request.