Are you wondering why your Tagg app is no longer available? Don't worry. You're on Whistle now!

As you may already know, we at Whistle decided to purchase Tagg in order to add GPS location services to the products we already offer our customers. We are now in the final stages of combining the best of these two great offerings.

We are proud to say that we now offer a brand new device known as Whistle GPS that combines activity tracking with GPS location. We also have a new app that is available for both Android and iOS devices as well as on the web.

Whether you have a Tagg 1.0 or a Tagg GPS Plus tracker, you can continue using the device just as you were before, but we think you'll quickly appreciate the changes to our app:

  • The app has a easily understood layout and is friendly and appealing
  • The Tagg Zone is now known as a Whistle zone and is easier than ever to define and change
  • The Whistle map is much more usable and shows your pet's location as soon as you open it
  • The process to set a daily activity goal is fast and simple

To start using the new Whistle app, simply download the app for either iOS or Android and login using your existing Tagg credentials.