Being able to quickly and easily find your pet is the centerpiece of the Whistle GPS system.

  • Page—If your pet's last location was "near the base station" but you can't actually see your pet, you can use the Page function to get a more specific location.
  • View—You can always use the Whistle map to view the latest location of your pet.
  • Track—If your pet leaves the Whistle zone, you can use the Track function to find your pet's location every three minutes.

Click here for more information on the accuracy of our location service.


Paging your pet

The Page function is meant to find your pet when she is within range of the base station.

1. Press the Page button on the back of the base station.

2. The Page function lasts for 15 minutes. During this time, the indicator light on the charging base station flashes blue and the status indicator on the tracker flashes white.

3. Review the Whistle map for the location of your pet. The map is available on our website as well as through our mobile apps.


Viewing your pet's location

The Whistle GPS maps will always display the last known location of your pet.

1. In the mobile app, tap the Menu icon.

2. In the menu, tap Maps.

3. Tap Overview to see the current location of all of your pets, together with their safety status and the battery status of their tracker.


4. Tap Location to see more details on your pets' locations and the boundaries of your Whistle zone.

Note: Your location also appears on the Whistle map, indicated by a blue dot.

4. If your pet is outside the Whistle zone, tap Refresh GPS to see the updated location of your pet.


Tracking your pet

The Track function will help you find your pet after she has left your Whistle zone, by sending you a notification every three minutes of your pet's current location.

1. In the mobile app, tap the Menu icon.

2. On the menu, tap Maps.

3. The Maps page appears, showing your pet's location outside the Whistle zone.

4. Tap Track

5. In the message that appears, click Confirm

6. The Tracking session remains active for 30 minutes. If you want to stop tracking before then, return to the Maps page and tap Stop Tracking.

7. When the Tracking session ends, we will notify you either through SMS or email, depending on your notification settings.

NOTE: You can track more than one pet at the same time by simply starting a tracking session for your first pet, then swiping the bottom menu on the Maps screen so that it switches to your second pet (where you can then start a tracking session for that pet).