You can adjust your Whistle zone at any time, by making it larger, smaller, or selecting a new location altogether. Just keep in mind that your base station is always the center of the Whistle zone circle.

Click here for more information on the limits of Whistle zones.


1. In the mobile app, click the pet's profile, then tap the Settings icon.

2. On the pet profile page, tap Edit Whistle zone.

3. On the Edit Whistle zone page, do any of the following :

  • Type in a new address or use the compass icon to select your current location
  • Use the slider to adjust the size of the Whistle zone circle
  • Move the map to place the Whistle zone in a different location.

4. When all changes are made, tap Save.

5. Tap Cancel to return to the Profile page.

6. Attach your tracker to the base station and your tracker will receive the update to your Whistle Zone.