Your Tagg base station does more than just charge the Tagg tracker, it also helps to extend the battery life of the tracker itself.

Tagg GPS Plus


Tagg 1.0

The base station contains a short range radio. When your pet is close to the station, the tracker "hears" the radio signal and automatically switches to power saving mode, reducing the load on the battery. When your pet leaves the area around the station and moves out of range of the radio signal, the tracker automatically switches back to normal mode.

Note: Although the range of the radio signal is approximately 150 – 200 feet, the signal can be blocked by walls or large metal objects such as appliances.


1.  Place the base station in a location that is indoors, in an open area, and closest to where your pet spends most of its time.

2.  Make sure the base station is within your Whistle zone.

Note: Only use the original USB cable and adapter provided with your Tagg equipment. Do not plug the station into your computer or any other device.

3.  Plug the station into any wall outlet and wait for the power light to appear.


If you have a Whistle GPS, click here for information on setting up the base station.