When the battery on your Tagg GPS Plus tracker is fully charged, it lasts about 30 days but actual battery life may vary.

Note: Click here for information on charging your Tagg 1.0 tracker.

There are several ways to tell if your tracker battery needs to be charged:

  • Press the Power button once. If the status indicator flashes twice or does not flash at all, the battery level is low and needs to be charged.
  • Remove the tracker from the charging base station. If the status indicator does not light up, more charging is needed.
  • You have received a low battery notification.


1.  Make sure the base station is plugged in and powered on.

2.  Make sure the pins on the station and the charging contact on the side of the tracker are clean.

3.  Align the tracker so the charging contact slides in first, and slide the tracker in until it sits firmly against the charging pins.

Note: The status indicator on the tracker will flash white, showing that the battery is charging.

4.  Leave the tracker on the station until the status indicator turns solid, indicating that the battery is fully charged. This takes about three hours.

5.  To remove the tracker, firmly slide the tracker away from the station.


If you have a Whistle GPS, click here for information on how to charge it.