The Whistle app uses profiles to store what we know about both you as the owner and the pets you own. Your pet's profile and your account can be edited at any time.


Your pet's profile

Each pet's profile is used to store the information you give us about your pet, but there's much more to it than that. You can see the average amount of activity and rest your pet is getting, what goals your pet has met and see all the owners of your pet. 

1. In the Whistle app, tap the Profile tab for your pet.

2. If you have a dog, you can see how your dog is doing compared to other dogs. On the Profile screen, scroll down to the Stats area. From here, you can tap each of the Goals, Activity or Rest icons to compare your dog to each of your other dogs and even against dogs that are similar to yours in age, weight, and breed.

3. To change any of the details about your pet, tap Edit Profile.

4. On the Profile Details screen, you can do any of the following:


Your account

In your account, we store your login information, email address and the date you joined the Whistle community. We also keep a list of every dog you own or follow, and a list of those friends you've added to your Whistle community.

1. In the Whistle app, tap the Menu icon.

2. In the menu, tap Your Account.

3. On the Your Account screen, you can do any of the following:

Note: To make sure your name and those of your pets appear in our Whistle Community, turn the Appear in searches slider to On.