As each Whistle device collects data on your pet's activity and timeline, that data is uploaded to our servers using either Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. We then push that data to your Whistle app so that you have the latest analysis of your pet's activity. This process is called syncing and it happens automatically throughout the day.

  • Hourly Sync—Whistle automatically starts a sync operation at least once every hour.
  • Immediate Sync—If you want to sync your data manually, simply push the button on the Whistle device. The indicator light will turn green as the sync operation takes place, and within a few minutes an update will be sent to your Whistle app.

Note: If Whistle is unable to connect to our servers immediately, the device will save up to 21 days of activity data.


Syncing over Bluetooth

As long as Bluetooth is enabled on your phone, your phone is paired with Whistle and your phone is within range of your pet's Whistle device, you can use Bluetooth to perform an immediate sync.



Syncing over Wi-Fi

Each hourly sync is performed using your wireless data connection (Wi-Fi) and, if Bluetooth is not available, an immediate sync will also use Wi-Fi.



Note: If you have set up two or more Wi-Fi connections in the Whistle app, Whistle will automatically use the Wi-Fi network that is closest to your location.