The centerpiece of the Whistle system is that it tracks activities like playing, walking and resting. This gives you a unique perspective into your pet's daily activity and long-term health trends.

Whistle captures this activity though a three-axis accelerometer, and processes the data using our proprietary machine-learning algorithms. The time your pet spends walking, playing or simply being active all count toward your pet’s overall activity, as well as towards your pet's daily activity goal.

Whistle tracks different types of activity:

  • Walk—Low intensity, steady activity that indicates that your pet is walking
  • Run—High intensity, steady activity that indicates your pet is running
  • Play—Any short burst of high intensity activity
  • Active—A combination of walk, play or other activities
  • Rest—No activity is detected

Note: If your pet is not a dog, the only activity types tracked by our system are Active and Rest.




The Timeline screen shows each separate period of activity as an event (as long as it is at least five minutes long), allowing you to easily determine when your pet was active.

Keep in mind, though, that although we track every minute of your pet's day, adding up the timeline events may not equal your pet's daily activity total. If your pet is active for less than five minutes, it doesn't count as an event but it is still tracked as activity.

Also, when an event is over, the Whistle device must identify at least seven minutes of rest before we start tracking activity as a new event.

Note: If you wish, you can edit an event to change the type of activity. Click here for more information on reclassifying an event.


Activities and Presence

As well as measuring activities, Whistle can also detect when you are close to your pet, giving you even more insight into their day.

When you set up your Whistle, you used Bluetooth to pair it with your phone. As a result, Bluetooth is able to determine when your phone and your Whistle device are in close proximity (within 30 feet). Your Whistle device scans for paired Bluetooth devices every so often and determines if your paired phone is close to your pet.

When you are close to your pet for at least half of the time that your pet is active, Whistle records this as a Presence and makes an extra note in the activity event.

Even if your pet has multiple owners, Whistle can detect which owners are close by. As long as the owners have paired their phone with your pet's Whistle, each event will show the owners who were present during that time. Click here for information on adding new owners to Whistle.

Note: In order to record Presence data, you must pair your device with Whistle through the Whistle app. Otherwise, our system will not be able to detect your device. Click here for more information on setting up your Whistle with either an Android device or an iOS device.