The Whistle Activity Monitor offers the ability to track your pet's daily activity, make friends with other pet owners, share your pet's day with your family and friends, and even add notes about their food, medication and more. It's a great product, but we know that many pet owners want the functionality that GPS offers to find their pet

To add GPS location services to the products we offer our customers, we decided to purchase Tagg, makers of the Tagg GPS Plus tracker. With Tagg, you get a lightweight device that allows you to not only find your pet when they're lost, but also prevent them from straying in the first place.

We now offer a device that combines the best features of both devices. The Whistle GPS tracker fits easily on your pet's collar, offers both activity tracking and GPS location services, and still offers web and mobile apps that allow you to locate your pet, any time of the day or night. Click here for more information on Whistle GPS and what it offers.