Bluetooth is a small radio transmitter/receiver that is used to communicate with other Bluetooth-enabled devices that are physically close to each other.

Your Whistle is equipped with Bluetooth and uses it in three ways:

  • Setup—When you first set up your Whistle, Bluetooth is used to pair your phone and send your Wi-Fi settings to the Whistle device for future data syncing.
  • Data sync—At any time, you can request a manual data sync (by pressing the Whistle button). The data sync will take place over Bluetooth if Wi-Fi is not available.
  • Presence—Bluetooth is also used to detect when your Whistle is physically close to a paired phone used by any of your dog's owners, allowing us to include this information in your dog's activity data. Click here for more information on how Whistle tracks activity.



Wi-Fi is the functionality that allows computers, smartphones and other devices within a certain area to connect to the Internet or communicate with each other wirelessly.

Your Whistle is equipped with Wi-Fi and uses it to regularly your dog's activity and other data between Whistle and our servers. All hourly updates use Wi-Fi, while manual data syncs are completed using Wi-Fi or Bluetooth if Wi-Fi is not available. Click here for more information on how Whistle communicates.