The Whistle app makes it easy to set your pet's daily activity goal.

Note: Click here for more information on how Whistle tracks activity.

Keep in mind, however, that although Whistle measures all movement, whether it's a casual walk to the water bowl or a run with other pets in the park, the intent of the daily goal is to add up time spent being active, whether it is walking, running or playing. Because Whistle can distinguish between types of movement, some of the activity that's visible in your timeline graph, such as resting, may not apply to your pet's daily goal.

Note: If your pet is not a dog, all activity is classified as either Active or Resting.

1. In the Whistle app, tap the Settings icon.


2. On the Settings screen, tap Daily Activity Goal.


3. On the Set a Goal screen, use the controls to select the number of minutes you want your pet to be active each day.

5. When all changes are made, tap Save. The new goal will apply to your pet's activity on the next day.

6. In the Goal Changed message that appears, tap Okay.