Your Whistle account, app and pet profile are all linked to the unique serial number found on your Whistle. If you need to replace the Whistle for any reason, you'll need to remove the old device and then set up the new device to access your pet's profile, your app and your Wi-Fi network.


Removing your old Whistle

1. In the Whistle app, tap the Settings icon.

2. On the Settings screen, tap Device Details.

3. On the Device Details screen, tap Remove Device.

5. On the Remove Device message that appears, tap Remove.


Adding a new Whistle

1. When your old Whistle is removed, a message appears asking if you want to add a new device. Tap Add.

2. Follow the instructions to pair Whistle with your phone and connect to a Wi-Fi network. Click here for more information on pairing your Whistle with your Android device or your iOS device.

3. On the Device Details screen that appears, tap Done.

Note: If your dog had other owners with the previous Whistle, you'll need to add those owners to the new Whistle.