For those of you wondering what the differences are between the Whistle Activity Monitor and Whistle GPS, here's a quick list. 


The Whistle Activity Monitor has a different shape than Whistle GPS, and is both smaller and lighter in weight.

Whistle GPS is slightly heavier and has a longer shape, due to the extra functionality the device offers.

However, both devices attach easily to your pet's collar and are lightweight, durable, waterproof, and weather-resistant.



The way you charge the two devices is also different. The Whistle AM attaches to a black charger that plugs into any USB outlet.

The Whistle GPS attaches to a base station that is plugged into a wall outlet for charging.

Still, both devices charge fully within a few hours and have a long-lasting battery.



The Whistle Activity Monitor tracks and reports detailed information about your pet's activity. Our system notifies you of when your pet was active and for how long, as well as whether you or another owner was close by. We also break down the activity by type (walking, running, playing, etc.).

Whistle GPS reports similar activity information for your pet (although without the activity type breakdown) but it also provides the functionality of GPS location and tracking. Any time you wish, you can look at the Whistle map to see where your pet is, and you can also set up a specific area (a Whistle zone) where you expect your pet to stay. If your pet leaves this zone, Whistle will notify you via a Push Notification and/or an SMS (depending on your preferences). You can then start a tracking session whereby Whistle will update you of your pet's location every 3 minutes (for up to 30 minutes). 

Both devices allow you to upload photos of your pet, set a daily activity goal, add multiple owners, connect to the Whistle Community Board, and see the activity of any pets you follow.



With the Whistle Activity Monitor, we can send you various notifications about your pet's activity, such as when they meet their daily goal and whether they're resting more than usual.

With Whistle GPS, our notifications now alert you to such events as when your pet leaves its Whistle zone, when it returns to the Whistle zone, and when you are tracking your pet.

Regardless of which device you have though, you will still be notified of such things as a low battery, syncing issues, and general system messages.


Data Sync

The Whistle Activity Monitor uses both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi to upload data every hour to our Whistle servers, but that information doesn't appear in the Whistle app until after we receive and process it.

The Whistle GPS device doesn't use either Bluetooth or Wi-Fi to communicate with us, but instead relies on a cellular connection. Activity data is uploaded to our servers at least once every 12 - 24 hours, or whenever the Whistle GPS device syncs, including:

  • When you dock your Whistle GPS device on the base station
  • If your pet leaves your Whistle zone
  • If you manually select the Refresh GPS or Track features

Both devices sync seamlessly with our systems and don't need to be triggered by you.