Hi all, Daniel here, Director of Product for Whistle. I wanted to explain in a little more detail about the changes we made to the Whistle platform for our GPS customers.

In order to make some very important and much needed updates to a cumbersome and aging Tagg system, we had to build the Whistle GPS Pet Tracker platform from the ground up. As a result, there is not an option to revert to the 2011 versions of the Tagg applications. 

In addition, the new Whistle platform is built with modern and scalable technology, allowing us to improve and roll out new features on a much faster basis. As many of you have noticed we already released fixes and improvements to the platform this week and have another release this evening. A larger release (with updates to the mobile and web apps) is also coming in November. 

Finally, rest assured we are working hard to provide you with feature parity and look forward to continuing to evolve and improve all areas of our apps.