The blue circle around your pet's location, a.k.a. the uncertainty circle, represents location accuracy

Your Whistle zone has a blue house icon directly in the middle and is different from the uncertainty circle. The uncertainty circle is a light blue circle that appears around your pet icon. It represents the accuracy of your pet's last known location.

The uncertainty circle may change in size depending on various factors:

  1. Service strength: The strength of the cellular provider will determine the accuracy of our GPS location updates. If cell service strength is poor, it is likely the uncertainty circle will enlarge and encompass the area your pet is in.
  2. Interference of heavy electronics/appliances: This could affect the location of your pet, since electronics can offset the tracker when trying to communicate with the network.
  3. Clear line of sight: If your pet is in an area where the device is unable to have a clear line of vision to the network, communication may be obstructed. (For example: wooded areas, tall buildings, parking structures, etc.)

The uncertainty circle can be shown regardless of whether you are inside or outside the Whistle zone, as long as you are out of Power Saving Mode.  It will only be visible if your tracker is having difficulty getting a precise location. If your tracker is able to communicate effectively, the uncertainty circle will be hidden.