Once you receive your new Whistle 3 device, please download the new Whistle 3 iOSor Android mobile app to begin the setup process.

You will be able to carry over your existing Whistle GPS (WGPS) pet profile to your Whistle 3, and you can login with your WGPS email and password.

If you have a 1-year or 2-year WGPS subscription plan, you will be refunded for any remaining service you have left, after selecting your new subscription plan. However, if you are on a monthly WGPS subscription plan, you will not receive a refund. 

After setting up and paying for the Whistle 3 subscription, your old subscription will automatically be cancelled and the amount left will be refunded to your account. You will receive that prorated refund in 5-10 business days. 

Please follow the below steps to setup your new Whistle 3, as an upgrade from your WGPS:

1. From the Whistle 3 app home screen, select "Log In" and use your existing WGPS login details. 


2. The app will prompt you to select Whistle 3.

3. Then, assign your Whistle 3 tracker to your existing pet. And continue through setup as prompted within the app. 

4. When you reach the subscription section during setup, you will select and pay for your new subscription plan and the old 1 or 2-year subscription will automatically cancel and a prorated refund will be credited to your account in 5-10 business days.