A Subscription cost is needed for the Whistle 3 to track your pet on the AT&T network.

The Whistle 3 uses GPS and AT&T cellular towers to track your pet if they leave their set safe place(s). Please keep in mind, you do not need AT&T cell service on your smart phone. The monthly subscription cost is for your Whistle 3 to gain access to the AT&T cell service so you can track your pet (kind of like a mini cell phone for your pet!)

You are not able to use the Whistle 3 just to track your pet's activity without paying the monthly subscription fee for the location tracking feature.

After receiving your Whistle, you will begin setup in the iOS or Android mobile app (which you can download here for iOS and here for Android). This is where you will select a subscription plan for the tracker. For the 1-year and 2-year options, you will be billed up front for the full amount. ($95.40 for 1-year, $166.80 for 2-year)

For the monthly plan ($9.95/month) you will be charged each month for 12 months. Please be aware that there is a 12 month commitment with our monthly plans and if you discontinue service before reaching the 12 months, an Early Termination Fee will be applied. 

Here are the three options for your Whistle’s subscription plan: