If your Whistle 3 will not charge after you have been using the device, please follow the steps below to help resolve the issue. 

  1. If you have your Whistle charger plugged into a USB port on a laptop computer, try using a USB electrical wall adapter (usually comes with your smart phone). 
  2. If Step 1 doesn't work, unplug and plug in the usb charger a few times to see if it turns the device back on.
  3. If step 2 fails, Perform a hard reset on the Whistle 3.


How to Hard Reset:

  1. Obtain paper clip as a pen will be too large.
  2. Place your Whistle 3 onto the charger with the charger plugged in
  3. Press and hold the small reset button (underneath the charger) using the paper clip. Continue to hold for 10 seconds then release.
  4. The LED will turn on and the reset is complete.
  5. If these steps do not resolve the issue, please let us know so we can help with replacing your device if you're within our 1 Year Warranty.