Note: The hard reset steps below should only be completed if your tracker's battery is not charging, or the tracker has no LED light illuminated when placed on the charger and plugged into a USB charging source. For all other issues, please reach out to our support team!


To hard reset your Whistle 3, please watch the following video:

How to Hard Reset:

  1. Place the device on its charging cable (orientation doesn't matter) with the cable plugged into a computer or an AC Adapter.
  2. Take a paper clip (or some other thin tool) and on the charger insert the end of the paper clip into the RESET button located underneath the center of the charger. You should feel a slight click when the button is depressed. 
  3. Hold down for about ten seconds 

During this time the LED on the Whistle 3 will turn off, and once you have released the button, the light will turn on either green or amber within a few seconds (depending on how full the battery is).