Wi-Fi serves a few very important functions for Whistle 3. You will select a Wi-Fi network to be associated with your safe place(s) during setup. 

Whistle 3 is designed to give you the most comprehensive and accurate tracking, and Wi-Fi plays an important role:

  • During activation, you will be required to setup a Wi-Fi network associated with your pets Place(s).
  • It allows Whistle 3 to communicate with the app on your smartphone to upload activity and location data about your pet. 
  • When your pet’s Whistle is connected to Wi-Fi, we know they are safe. 
  • When in Wi-Fi, Whistle 3 is in power save mode, preserving battery for when your pet leaves the safe place. In power save mode, you are not able to track your pet as it is assumed they are safe when connected to Wi-Fi

We recommend adding a Wi-Fi network to each place if your pet will be indoors because the cellular signal can be much weaker when inside a building. 

In addition, although the Whistle 3 can be connected to a WiFi hotspot, a consistent and stable connection using a router is recommended to make sure your device continues to update and perform optimally.