In order to estimate how far your dog has traveled Whistle uses a three-axis accelerometer to sense how much your dog is moving up to 50 times per second. While these raw sensor measurements give us a lot of information about what your dog is up to, they don’t give us a direct measurement of the distance your dog has traveled. 

To help us figure out how to estimate distance accurately for a wide variety of different dogs we used the accelerometer and GPS data from walks by tens of thousands of different dogs using our Whistle accelerometer.  By pairing this information during walks we were able to create an algorithm to transform these acceleration measurements into a distance estimate. By applying this algorithm to the measurements from your Whistle device we can then estimate the distance your dog has traveled as a result of their activity without accidentally including the distance traveled due to things like car trips.

Keep in mind, we're also constantly optimizing the algorithm so you may see slight changes over the course of time.