Whistle FIT comes with a rubber strap to secure the device directly onto your pet’s existing collar or harness (up to 1’’ wide). The device can easily be removed from the collar when it needs to be charged.  

To secure the device to your pet's collar: 

  1. Hook the rubber strap to one side of the Whistle FIT and place the Whistle FIT on the outside of your dog's collar.
  2. Loop the other end of the rubber strap under the collar & attach it to the tabs/arms of the Whistle FIT so the collar is sandwiched between the rubber strap and the device.
  3. Double check to make sure the device is securely on the collar. It's important the rubber strap is taut and snugly sits on the arms of the Whistle FIT

If you need to remove it from the collar, simply lift the rubber strap up off the device on one side and you can remove the device for charging.