Here are some things that can affect the battery performance of your Whistle 3

There are several things that are working together to keep your pet safe and we want to make sure you're educated on what these things are and help you understand why battery performance can be affected.

Whistle 3 uses both Wi-Fi and the AT&T cellular network to keep you connected to your pet while optimizing its performance and battery life. Battery life can vary depending on where your pet spends most of its time, whether within a Wi-Fi Safe Place or outdoors, and on your GPS location refresh settings within the Whistle app.


Most Common User Scenarios 

Here are three scenarios to serve as a guide to expected battery life depending on you and your pet’s lifestyle.


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Your pet may be a bit of a couch-potato living the indoor pet life during the weekdays and having the occasional weekend adventure with you. Since they are an “energy-saver” and spend most of the day inside in range of your approved Wi-Fi network(s), you can expect Whistle 3 to automatically go into power save mode and use less battery power.

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Your pet splits time being indoors and stretching their legs outside at your local coffee shop, park, etc. to burn off excess energy. Since your pet spends some of their time in range of your approved Wi-Fi network(s) and the rest outside using cellular and GPS, you can expect Whistle 3 to use more battery power (just like how your cell phone uses more battery power when using cellular and GPS to map location).

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Your pet is a free spirit and likes to roam so Whistle 3’s GPS tracking will help you get their last known location so that you can find them quickly. With your pet spending the majority of its time outside the range of your approved Wi-Fi network(s), Whistle 3 will communicate with your smartphone via cellular service and use more battery power.

Changes to Your WiFi Network or Location of Router/Pet

Changes to Your WiFi Name or Password

If you recently changed routers or moved homes and updated your WiFi name or password, your device's place details will need to be updated.  To update your WiFi Name or Password, see the steps here

Location of Your Router

The location of your router is very important in establishing a strong connection to your Whistle 3 device and others electronics in your home. We recommend your router be placed in the center of your home or at least around the area your pet spends the most amount of their time. If your WiFi router is upstairs but your pet is downstairs, vise versa, the signal can and will be affected.

Location of The Whistle 3 On Your Pet

Also keep in mind, your Whistle 3 is on your pet's collar, so if they're laying down and the device is underneath their neck, this could be blocking the WiFi signal. We recommend for your Whistle 3 to be visible at all times, which if it is on a loose collar, can dangle underneath the pet. In addition, we have found that if your pet does sleep in a crate, the communication of the Whistle 3 can be affected.

Power Saving Mode

How To Know Your Device is In Power Saving Mode

When in range of WiFi only, your device conserves battery because GPS and cellular communication are turned off. This is also known as power saving mode. If your device is within range of WiFi, your pet is presumed safe since typically WiFi has limited reach outside of a building. We will also show a small green WiFi icon, at the top of the screen, near your pet's profile picture if they're connected to WiFi.

How To Know Your Device is Not In Power Saving Mode

You will always know if your pet isn't connected to WiFi when you receive a breach notification (whether they really are outside your Safe Place or it is a False Notification). When your pet is outside the perimeter of your set Safe Place you will receive an alert, "Heads up, your pet is 300 feet from Home, near 1234 Home Court." But what if you don't get a notification because your pet is still within their Safe Place but not connected to WiFi? We will show a small orange Cell Bar icon, at the top of the screen, near your pet's profile picture if they're not connected to WiFi.  

Strength of WiFi and GPS/Cell Connections

WiFi Connections Are Not All Created Equal

Your WiFi connection may or may not have a strong signal or reach all parts of your property. If the device is frequently in areas of weaker WiFi coverage (such as the far edge of WiFi range or just areas of weak signal due to interference) it's a lot easier for the device to frequently disconnect / reconnect to WiFi and cause the battery to be used more often.

When your device is no longer in range of WiFi, it will check over cellular to see if your pet's last known GPS coordinates and whether they fall within your pet's safe Place perimeter. If your pet is still within the perimeter of your set safe zone, you will not be alerted that your pet is out, but your device may not be in power saving mode because it is not connected to WiFi. We will show a small orange cell icon, at the top of the screen, near your pet's profile picture when this happens and you will still see your pet's icon within your safe place. 

Strength of Cellular or GPS Connection

If your Whistle 3 is outside of your WiFi network because of the WiFi signal strength or because you've left your home with your pet, the device is now using it's GPS and AT&T Network features to communicate it's location. If the device is in areas of weaker GPS Visibility and Cell Coverage (such as under thick trees, forest, remote areas, etc.) your device will continue to search for a location and will cause the battery to be used more often.

GPS Scan Frequency When Not Connected to WiFi

How frequently your device checks in the background, when not connected to WiFi, with GPS satellites to see where your pet is located. You can adjust this frequency by changing your GPS refresh rate. This setting does not affect Track sessions but may impact timing of the alert you receive when we recognize that your pet is completely out of the safe place. However, if your pet is at a low risk of leaving the safe zone, but does spend a lot of time not connected to WiFi, it may help your battery life to set a longer interval for the background GPS scan rate. If you tap Track when your pet is out of their safe Place, you will get an updated location every minute.