Celebrate your pet’s accomplishments with Achievements

Your pet can earn achievements for activity goals, distance traveled, streaks, and much more. Achievements offer a fun way to celebrate those moments you have shared together and all the milestones still to come.

Earn achievements

If you haven’t done so already, you’ll want to set an activity goal for your pet, since most of the achievements are dependent on activity data. If you do not want to set an activity goal, there are some other non-activity related achievements, like the Added to the Family badge, that you can earn by inviting friends and family who care for your pet. 

Turn Achievements' push notifications on, so that when you earn an achievement, you can receive a push notification that will take you into the app to your pet's new achievement modal. Here's how to update your push notification settings: tap on the bottom right human icon < tap on notification settings < toggle the "achievements" push notifications on.

View Achievements

Open your Whistle app, then tap on the paw icon in the bottom tab bar and tap on the “Achievements & Stats’ section under your pet’s profile picture. 

 After scrolling down, you will see 3 sections –Achievements, Collection, and All-Time Stats–that show achievements in progress, achievements earned, and overall stats. There is also a view all link to see all of your pet’s achievements in descending order from most recently earned. 

Tap on your earned achievements in the Collection or go to the view all screen to see when your pet received that achievement. If you see grayed out achievements, that means those have not been earned yet. 

Help & Support

If you cannot find your answer below, contact Whistle support

If you don’t see Achievements on the pet tab:

  1. Make sure that your iOS or Android app is up to date. To see Achievements you will need app version 2.4.0 or later. 
  2. Make sure that you have set an activity goal for your pet.

Q & A

Q: Why does my achievement look full but it hasn’t been added to my Collection?

A: When the fill percentage for the badges gets close to 90%, it is difficult to tell whether the color is filling in. You can distinguish between an earned badge and an in progress badge, because earned badges have a color outline whereas in progress badges have a gray outline. You will also be able to tap on your earned achievements and they will show in your “Collection.”

Q: Why haven’t I received an achievement that my pet earned?

A: Achievements will show in the app when your pet is back within WiFi. If you are out with your pet, check the app after you get back to a safe place with WiFi. Achievements are also pet specific, so if you have more than one pet, you will need to select each pet to see their new achievement modals. 

Q: How do I turn on the push notifications for Achievements?

A: You can control Achievements push notifications in your notification settings. Note that you will still receive the full screen modals in the app. Tap on the bottom right icon for “Human Stuff” < tap on “Notification Settings” < you will see an “Achievements” category listed under push notifications. 


**The current max levels we have for total activity goals, distance, and Whistle day Achievements are 365 goals, 1,000 miles, and 500 days. Coming soon is a special addition for our lifetime Whistle customers.