The Whistle 3 does not have Live, On Demand Tracking, but it comes very close!

The Whistle 3 can take up to 1-6 minutes to alert you that your pet has left their Safe Place. Once they are outside of the Safe Place, you can track them every 60 seconds, which is the same tracking interval as the find my iPhone app or other GPS locator apps. You can do this by clicking the TRACK button. The reason it is not less than 60 seconds is to conserve battery as GPS uses your battery up quickly if in constant use (as the same applies to your cell phone). Once a tracking session is initiated, the LED on the tracker will also flash green.

How Can I Speed Up The First Initial Notification?

If you'd like to speed up the first initial notification, we did release a new feature in July that reduced the 6 minute "GPS Location Check" to 3 minutes. There still is a chance that you won't receive the alert until the 6 minute mark. This is as a result of when the Whistle 3 disconnects from Wi-Fi it will try to figure out if your device is outside the Safe Place. If your pet is not entirely outside your Safe Place (it's uncertainty circle overlaps the Safe Place), then you will not receive the first notification until it checks in again in another 3 minutes (to prevent false notifications). If you'd like to change your GPS Refresh Rate settings, please see the article link below. Please keep in mind it will impact battery life a little more.

**Quick Note: The "You" icon in the Whistle 3 location screen will move with you (live tracking) because it's your phone's GPS as opposed to an external GPS device having to grab a GPS location, and then send that information to a cell tower, then to a phone.