In September, we enhanced your pet's activity graph and made it clearer what the graph represents.

We understand that the 24-hour intensity graph is a way for you to know what your pet does during the day while you're gone. 

The challenge for us was figuring out how to provide more insight and information during a specific hour of a day. An intensity graph makes this difficult because intensity values don't always equate to active minutes. Before our latest update, your pet's intensity graph would show low and high intensity, and this is why sometimes your total active minutes to goal would show as 0 min but your intensity graph would display bars indicating there was some activity.

By representing active minutes in the graph instead of intensity, there won't be a discrepancy between your pet's minutes goal and the bar graph. Now, when you tap and hold your finger over different bars in the graph you will see how many active minutes were within that hour.

You will need to have app version 1.6.0 or higher to use this feature: iOS or Android