When you sign up to participate in Pet Insight Project, you’ll receive a free Whistle FIT Activity Monitor for your dog. By keeping the Whistle device charged and on your dog’s collar, you’ll get both the satisfaction of knowing you are supporting research to keep pets happy and healthy as well as a number of participation rewards from Banfield Pet Hospital at the 30, 60, 90, 120, and (just recently added April 2019) 180 Whistle Day milestones.

If your dog registers 120 Whistle Days - i.e. a day in which the device was able to collect and upload behavior data because it was charged and on-collar - within 180 days of joining the project, you will be eligible to receive a free Wisdom Panel Health Canine DNA Test for your dog(s).

Wisdom Panel Health is the world’s leading DNA test and analyzes your dog’s DNA profile to reveal information about their breed make-up, as well as a screen for over 150 genetic health conditions. Learn more about Wisdom Panel Health and the offer for Pet Insight Project participants here.

If your dog registers 180 Whistle Days within 270 days of joining the project, you will be eligible for one free month off of your monthly Optimum Wellness Plan from Banfield Pet Hospital. We'll send you an email once you've achieved this milestone. You can also head over to the Participant Portal to check on your progress towards this reward.

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