Here is what happens when you get a false breach that your pet is no longer in their Safe Place.

Are you getting notifications that your pet has left their safe zone but they're right next to you? This is typically an issue when the tracker is near a WiFi "dead zone."  Not all homes are built with the same materials, so if your device finds one of these WiFi "dead zones", the GPS Signal in your home can also be affected, placing your pet's location outside of your Safe Place.

Why does this happen?

  1. Your Whistle 3 is constantly scanning for your designated Wi-Fi network in order to stay in power save mode while at Home. If it fails to find the network (i.e., Wi-Fi dead zone or poor Wi-Fi coverage) then the Whistle will subsequently go into GPS mode.
  2. After not finding Wi-Fi and now in GPS mode, the device will at times have varying degrees of certainty (visualized by the uncertainty circle surrounding your pet on the map page). This is especially true if your pet is indoors as the Whistle does not have a clear line of sight to GPS satellites. 
  3. Also keep in mind, your Whistle 3 is on your pet's collar, so if they're laying down and the device is underneath their neck, this could be blocking the WiFi signal. We recommend for your Whistle 3 to be visible at all times, which if it is on a loose collar, can dangle underneath the pet. In addition, we have found that if your pet sleeps in a crate, the communication of the Whistle 3 can be affected.

False alerts are triggered by poor GPS locations so if you're getting a lot of false breach notifications consider changing where your router is located in your home (to stay in Wi-Fi) or increasing the size of your Safe Place.