By using your Whistle device, you’ll be contributing to the study. All you need to do is set up your Whistle when you receive it and keep it charged and attached to your pet’s collar.

In return for getting a Whistle device at no cost, we hope that you will contribute to the research by:

  • Downloading the Whistle mobile application and following the instructions to set up your Whistle within 14 days of receiving it
  • Keeping your Whistle charged and on your dog's collar for at least 90 days, re-charging it when the app indicates battery is low (every 2 to 3 weeks for Whistle FIT)
  • Visiting Banfield at least every 6 months for the twice-yearly comprehensive exams included in your Optimum Wellness Plan

Please consider that if you enroll in the project and do not use your Whistle, you are preventing that device from being used by others and collecting valuable data that is critical to advancing the well-being of pets everywhere. 

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