To get a Wisdom Panel Health for your dog, ensure your dog is able to register 120 “Whistle Days” within the first 180 days of enrolling in the project by setting up your Whistle device quickly after receiving it and then keep it consistently charged and on-collar.

When your dog logs their 120th Whistle Day within 180 days of joining, we will send you an email with the invitation to claim your Wisdom Panel Health. To claim the DNA test, you’ll need to provide your shipping address, the unique offer code included in the email invitation, as well as your consent to share the resulting DNA analysis with the Pet Insight Project research team. We’ll ship you the Wisdom Panel Health kit, which includes a simple cheek swab to collect the DNA sample as well as return postage to deliver the sample to the Wisdom Health lab for analysis. You’ll receive an email a couple weeks later with a customized online report with your pet’s breed and health results.

By consenting to share the results of the DNA analysis with Pet Insight Project, you’re enabling your dog’s genetic information to become part of your dog’s holistic research profile in the Pet Insight Project database alongside their behavior and medical information. This will enable our research team to incorporate additional helpful context about participating dogs as we attempt to interpret behavior patterns, as well as provide the Wisdom Health research team with more data as they search for additional genetic markers of potential health issues.  

Curious to track your progress towards the award, or lost your email with the redemption link? Head over to your Participant Portal.

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