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Timeline shows you the activities that make up your pet's day by capturing events like Run, Walk, Rest, Play, and more. As your pet moves from one activity to the next, each event is displayed chronologically on the Activity screen.

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Where do I see my pet’s Timeline?

  1. Tap Screen_Shot_2019-01-14_at_8.56.20_AM.pngto go to the Activity screen
  2. Scroll down past the activity graph

How does Whistle track my pet’s activity?

Whistle captures this activity though a three-axis accelerometer and processes the data using our proprietary machine-learning algorithms. The time your pet spends walking, playing, or simply being active all counts toward your pet’s overall activity, as well as towards your pet's daily activity goal.

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What activity can Whistle detect?

For dogsWhistle can detect the activities below:

  • Walk — Low intensity, steady activity that indicates your pet is walking
  • Run — High intensity, steady activity that indicates your pet is running
  • Play — Short burst of high intensity activity
  • Active — Activity that is not recognized as walk, run, or play
  • Rest — Minimal to no activity is detected

When your pet’s activity is intermittent, low in intensity, and not recognizable as one of the types above, Timeline will display these periods as “low activity” events.

For cats and other pets, Whistle can currently detect Active, Rest, and Low Activity periods. However, you can change the activity type to a Walk, Run, Play, or Swim through the app, by tapping on the event, then tapping "Change."

When will my Timeline get updated?

If any new information is available, Timeline will update when your Whistle syncs via Bluetooth or an added Wi-Fi network. Please note that if your pet is in the middle of an activity or rest period, a Timeline event will not be created until Whistle recognizes the period has ended.  As Whistle learns more about your pet’s day, you’ll see events on your pet’s Timeline. You can see when your Timeline was last updated below the activity graph.

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Can I change an activity event?

There may be times when you want to change the type of activity, such as changing "active" to "swimming", for example. Whistle will use this information to better predict your pet’s activities in the future.

To change the type of activity:

  1. Tap the event you want to change
  2. Tap “Change”
  3. Select activity type

Note that you can only change one type of activity to another, rather than "Rest" or "Low Activity" to an activity event.

Can I add a new event type?

We do not currently support adding new event types. However, you can change the event type to walk, run, play, swim, or active.

How do I see my pet’s Timeline for a day in the past?

You can navigate to another date a few ways:

  1. On the activity screen, tap a day on the weekly calendar
  2. On the activity screen, tap the calendar icon above the goal circle, then tap a date
  3. On the activity screen, swipe from left to right to go back a day

How to get more out of Timeline

  • Tap an activity event to explore further details, including a dynamic map of your pet’s location
  • Keep an accurate log of your pet’s activity. If Whistle classifies your pet’s run was a walk, you can tap the event and tap “change” to change it to a run. Whistle will use this information to better predict your pet’s activities in the future.
  • Turn on the Family Trips feature so you can see when your pet leaves their Safe Place with a family member or caretaker.

How can I give Whistle feedback to improve Timeline?

You can help us improve Timeline by giving us feedback on whether Whistle detected the type of event correctly. Simply tap an activity event, then tap “Change”, to correct the event. If the event was detected correctly, tap “Change,”then confirm it by tapping the same activity type.

What’s the difference between Timeline and Trips?

Timeline is a log of your pet’s day, capturing events that occur inside, like playing at home, as well as activities outside their Safe Place, like your morning walk. For activity and rest events, you can view additional details, including distance, active minutes, calories burned, and your pet’s GPS locations. Your pet’s Timeline is saved, so you can look back at previous days. Trips provides a map of where your pet has gone in the past 24 hours, based on when they left and returned to a Safe Place.