1. Tap the side menu in the upper left corner that looks like 3 horizontal lines.

  2. Tap 'Places'. 

  3. Tap the edit icon, on the right side, in the Place card that you want to customize.  
    image (1).png

  4. Under the map, to the right of 'Wi-Fi Details' tap the edit icon.  
    image (2).png

  5. If you have more than one pet, you will need to select a pet to connect first.  
    image (3).png

  6. Your Whistle will scan for Wi-Fi networks. Make sure that your phone's Bluetooth is turned on. Settings > Bluetooth > Toggle on.

    image (4).png

  7. Select your Wi-Fi network. 
    image (5).png

  8. Enter your Wi-Fi Network's password.

    image (6).png

  9. We want you to confirm this change because this will completely overwrite your existing Wi-Fi network details and if you have more than one pet you will need to add each of them to your Place's Wi-Fi network. 
    image (7).png image (8).png

  10. You should land back on your Place's details screen. The pet you added to your new Wi-Fi network will have a green check mark next to their picture. If you have more than one pet, tap 'Add' to setup the Wi-Fi for that pet.  

image (9).png