Device Questions: 

Pre-Purchase and Ordering

How do I purchase additional chargers, collar attachments, and other accessories?

Additional accessories such as chargers and collar attachments can be purchased here on our website

What comes in the box?

The Whistle kit comes with everything you need to get started - the tracker, charger, collar attachment, and a quick start guide

What shipping method does Whistle use and how soon will my order arrive?

Whistle ships via USPS for ground shipping (3-5 days) and UPS for expedited shipping (2 business days). Ground shipping is free on orders over $50, and $4.99 for orders under $50. Expedited shipping is $14.99

Does Whistle include a base station for charging?

Whistle does come with a charger, though it is not a base station for power-save mode. Whistle 3 uses your home WiFi network to keep the battery in a low-power state at home, so the charger does not need to be plugged in while not in use


Collar and Collar Attachment

How do I attach and remove Whistle from my pet’s collar?

The Whistle comes with a snap collar attachment suitable for flat cloth or nylon collars up to 1” in width. For a video of how to attach the collar attachment and Whistle, click here!

What size and type of collar does Whistle fit on? Can I use Whistle on a harness?

The Whistle collar attachment fits on a flat nylon or cloth collar up to 1” wide, and can be used on a harness

Will an invisible fence or shock collar interfere with the Whistle?

The Whistle can be used concurrently with any other device that goes on your pet’s collar without interference, but we do recommend keeping the devices on opposite sides of the collar to make it more comfortable for your dog to wear both

How durable is the tracker, and does it stay securely attached to my dog’s collar?

We’ve tested the Whistle in the field for years and are confident the materials used and the collar attachment are as secure as possible. Although we can’t account for every scenario and variable, the Whistle 3 should stay attached at all times under normal play


Battery life

How long does the battery last?

The battery life for Whistle depends greatly on a lot of different factors, primarily how much time your dog spends at home, and how often you are tracking. If your dog spends most of their time within range of the WiFi network at home, the battery will last the longest. If your dog spends more time away from home or in a Safe Place that doesn’t have WiFi connected, or if you use the tracking feature often, the battery life will be shorter. For more information, check out our battery life breakdown here

Is the battery rechargeable or replaceable?

Whistle 3’s battery is not replaceable, because of the sealed waterproof casing, but the battery is rechargeable

What are the specifications for the battery?

The Whistle has a lithium-ion battery and is 400 mAh. A 5V 1amp charging adapter is required if charging in a wall outlet, but the tracker can also be charged via USB

Does the app show the battery level and tell me when the battery is low?

You will be able to see the battery level for each tracker individually in the application. Additionally, you will receive a notification via your chosen method when the battery drops below 25%

How long does the battery take to charge?

Whistle 3’s battery takes approximately 2 hours to fully charge. The LED will illuminate orange/amber while charging and changes to green when fully charged, as well as sending a notification when fully charged

Can my Whistle stay on the charger indefinitely? Can the Whistle be turned off?

Whistle does not have a power button to turn the tracker off. If you won’t be using the device for an extended period of time, you can leave the tracker on the charger near the router for up to 30 days at a time. If not using the tracker for more than 30 days, consider cancelling your subscription so that you won’t be charged for service while not using the Whistle.


Manufacturing and safety

Where was Whistle manufactured?

Whistle is designed in California and manufactured in China

Where can I find a user’s manual?

Whistle doesn’t have a full user’s manual beyond the guide to get started that comes in the box, but we do have a robust support site here that can answer a lot of your questions!

Is the Whistle safe for my dog to wear?

The Federal Communications Commission only regulates RF exposure for humans, but Whistle adheres to those same guidelines for safe use on pets. The Whistle is safe for continuous wear by your dog. You can find more information about our FCC compliance here

Is the Whistle affected by weather and extreme climates?

Whistle is designed to be worn by dogs who roam the outdoors, so rain, snow, wind, mud, and other weather conditions shouldn’t affect the tracker. Extreme heat (over 100°F) or extreme cold (below 0°F) for extended periods of time may affect the electronic components of the Whistle


Size and Weight

What is the smallest size pet that can use the tracker? Is it suitable for cats?

The Whistle 3 is recommended for pets weighing 8 lbs or more, which makes it suitable for dogs both large and small as well as cats

Is Whistle waterproof?

Whistle has a waterproof rating of IP67, which means it can be submerged in water up to three feet deep for thirty minutes at a time. We always recommend rinsing and drying the tracker thoroughly before placing it on the charger

How big is Whistle and how much does it weigh?

The Whistle 3 is 1.45" wide, 1.82" long, and 0.61" thick. It weighs just under 1 oz

Is Whistle available in more than one size?

The Whistle 3 is currently available in just one size, but comfortably fits pets who weigh at least 8 lbs

Subscription/Service Questions:

Cellular Service

Can I use Whistle in other countries?

At this time, Whistle is only available for use in the United States, but we hope to expand to other countries in the future!

What cellular carrier does Whistle use, and do I have to have that provider to use the tracker?

Whistle trackers communicate via AT&T’s 3G cellular network, but you do not have to have AT&T as your personal provider. There just needs to be sufficient AT&T coverage in your area for the tracker to communicate

Will the tracker work without cellular service? Can I use Whistle just on WiFi with no cellular service?

No, the Whistle 3 needs a cellular connection with AT&T’s 3G network in order to provide locations while away from home

Can I use my existing cell phone plan for Whistle?

No, Whistle 3 requires a separate plan with AT&T to function, but we take care of the subscription so you do not need to contact AT&T separately to set anything up

How will Whistle be affected by the Verizon 3G sunset?

Legacy Whistle and Tagg products will no longer function after Verizon terminates their 3G network at the end of 2019, but the Whistle 3 will not be affected. More information and a full breakdown of what to expect will be published in the coming months



How much is the subscription?

We have three options for our subscription:

Monthly (with 12 month commitment) - $9.95 per month

Annual - $95.40 per year

Biennial - $166.80 per two years

Can I use Whistle without a subscription to just monitor activity? Why is a subscription required?

No, Whistle cannot be used without a subscription plan. The subscription is for the cellular service with AT&T’s network, and the tracker has no way to communicate or update without a cellular plan, including activity monitoring

Does Whistle require a SIM card?

No, Whistle does not require a SIM card

How do I purchase a subscription?

The subscription is purchased at activation, as part of the set up flow in the application. Each tracker requires its own subscription plan

Is there a multi-pet discount?

Not at this time, but we are working on some options for the future

Is there a cancellation fee?

If the monthly subscription plan is selected, you are also agreeing to a 12 month commitment for service. We offer a 90 day risk-free trial, so if the tracker is not a good fit for your needs, you can cancel within the first 90 days for no fee. After 90 days, an early termination fee (ETF) will be assessed dependent on length of usage. You can find more information about our ETF policy here. The annual and biennial subscriptions do not have a cancellation fee, but are nonrefundable after the first 90 days

Can I use the tracker seasonally or for a few months out of the year?

The Whistle tracker is designed to be a long term companion of your pet, and to give you peace of mind over their safety and health for years. Our subscriptions were designed with longevity in mind, and aren’t really intended to be used for only a few months out of the year. However, we do offer a 90 day risk-free period to use the tracker and received a pro-rated refund if the plan is cancelled early. Our subscriptions are nonrefundable after the first 90 days, and the monthly plan includes an early termination fee

How do I set up my replacement Whistle?

Please see our instructions for setting up a replacement device that will take over your existing subscription

How do I set up my new Whistle?

Please see our instructions for setting up your device - the process will walk you through creating an account and a pet profile, as well as defining the boundary of your first Safe Place, connecting your WiFi network, and selecting a subscription plan

How It Works Questions:

How It Tracks

What is the maximum distance Whistle will track?

The Whistle 3 is not limited by physical distance. As long as it is within the United States and has cellular coverage with AT&T, it will continue to update locations in the app as long as the battery lasts

How does Whistle track? Is it real-time?

Whistle is an assisted-GPS device, which means it uses information from both AT&T cellular towers and satellites to triangulate its position and report it to you via the application. In order to find a balance between helpful updates and prolonged battery life, the Whistle is not real-time - you won’t see the icon for your pet moving on the map. When a location update is requested, you will get a response within approximately one minute

Can I see a history of where my dog went?

The Trips feature can show you every time your dog left a Safe Place within the last 24 hours. We currently do not store data for longer than 24 hours, but may implement a longer timeframe in the future. You can find more information about Trips here

Can Whistle track something other than dogs?

Whistle was designed with dogs in mind, and the data we’ve gathered over the years has been optimized for accuracy with dogs specifically. However, we have customers who use Whistle for many different applications, from cats to tortoises to deer and even non-pets! Whistle is not recommended for use on humans

What is the accuracy of the Whistle?

The accuracy of the Whistle will depend on many factors, including signal strength of both cellular and satellite connections, interference from tall metal buildings or bodies of water, and whether or not there is a clear line of sight. You can find more information about what affects the accuracy of Whistle here

How quickly can I be alerted when my dog leaves?

We know that the most important feature of Whistle is to tell you quickly when you dog leaves a Safe Place, and we designed Whistle 3 to send timely and accurate alerts while managing the longevity of the battery life to allow ample time to track your wayward family member. We also allow for a variable refresh rate for your tracker, so that you can choose to be alerted more quickly - as fast as 3 minutes. You can read more about changing the GPS refresh rate and the effect on the battery life here

Does the Whistle show the last known location if the battery dies?

If the Whistle’s battery dies, the last known location will be displayed on the map. It will remain until the tracker is placed back on the charger and begins to communicate again

Can I see my location in the app relative to my dog? Does the Whistle show step-by-step directions to where my pet is?

On the map page, you will see two icons: one representing your pet, using information from the Whistle, and one representing “You,” using information from your phone. The “You” icon uses your phone’s GPS and location data, so you will see your own icon moving as you travel, but the pet icon will remain stationary until and update is requested or a Track session started. Once a location for your pet populates, you will be able to tap the Directions button to use your phone’s map application to get directions from where you are to where your pet is at that moment

Why did I get a false alert?

Are you getting notifications that your pet has left their safe zone but they're right next to you? This is typically an issue when the tracker is near a WiFi "dead zone."  Not all homes are built with the same materials, so if your device finds one of these WiFi "dead zones", the GPS Signal in your home can also be affected, placing your pet's location outside of your Safe Place. For more information about why false alerts happen and how to prevent them, click here.



Can I track multiple pets in the same app?

Yes! You can add all of the trackers you need to one account and view them in the Whistle application, though we generally recommend fewer than ten to keep things easy to read

Can multiple people track the same pet from their phones?

Yes, with Family Sharing, you can add anyone that takes care of or needs to keep tabs on your pet - spouses, roommates, children, dog-walkers, and pet-sitters. To find out how, visit our support article on Family Sharing

What type of phone or tablet can I use for tracking with Whistle?

The Whistle application is compatible with Android (version 5.0 or higher) and iPhone (version 10.0 or higher)

Can I track my Whistle from a PC?

Not at this time. Whistle 3 can only be used with the smartphone application for iPhone and Android devices

What platforms are supported for tracking and notifications?

You can access your Whistle 3 from an Android or Apple smartphone or tablet



Does the Whistle make a sound or have a light?

Whistle 3 does not emit any sound or light, but these are features we are looking into for future products

Does the Whistle track heart-rate / breathing / seizures / ambient temperature?

Whistle currently tracks activity/exercise, distance traveled, and calories burned. We are always looking to improve our products based on customer feedback, so we are looking into the possibility of reporting on other pet activities for future devices

Can Whistle alert me if my pet goes in water?

Whistle does not have a liquid sensor, but the tracker is waterproof, so your dog can splash away without worry!

Can Whistle alert me if someone removes the tracker?

There is currently no sensor to alert you if the tracker is removed from the collar attachment, though this may be a feature implemented in future devices

WiFi Questions:

Why does the Whistle require WiFi, and can I disable it?

The Whistle 3 requires a WiFi network to be paired with your first Safe Place, and is recommended for each additional Safe Place. Having a WiFi connection that the tracker is paired to keeps the Whistle 3 in power-saving mode, which saves battery, and allows the tracker to download updates and upload activity and battery information more quickly. WiFi networks can be removed from your Safe Places, but we recommend keeping at least one. You will still be notified promptly if your pet leaves a Safe Place with WiFi associated

Can I use my phone’s hotspot for WiFi?

The Whistle 3 will connect to a hotspot for WiFi access, but we don’t recommend it for long-term use because it will use data on your phone’s plan. It also does not have the same range as a router connection, so the Whistle 3 will not stay in power-save mode as much

What happens if my WiFi range is larger than the Safe Place? Will I be alerted if my dog leaves?

The Whistle 3 is in power-save mode when connected to WiFi, which means it will not be communicating with the cellular towers for updates. Whistle scans for WiFi every 3 minutes, which means there could be a slight delay in alerting you if the range of the WiFi exceeds the range of the Safe Place. We recommend setting the GPS refresh rate to 3 minutes to ensure a timely notification no matter how far your WiFi reaches, but keep in mind this will shorten the battery life of your tracker

Safe Place Questions:

How do I make or edit a Safe Place if I’ve made changes to my WiFi or want to change the size?

Your first Safe Place will be created as part of the set up process, and you can add more at any time. You can also edit your existing Safe Places if you need to change the WiFi, address, or size of the Place, by following these directions

Can the Safe Place be moved while traveling?

The Safe Place was designed as a stationary or permanent place for your dog to be considered at an approved location, but you can edit a Place as needed. While travelling, the easiest way to keep your Place with you would be to update the location every evening, and pair the tracker to a WiFi network if available

Can I have more than one Safe Place?

Yes, you can have up to 10 Safe Places registered in your application

Can I see where my pet is while in a Safe Place?

While in a Safe Place, the tracker will either be in power-save mode or otherwise not communicating with the cellular network, so the icon for your pet will show directly in the middle of the Place. The Track and Update Location functions are not available when the tracker is in power-save mode

What is a Safe Place?

A Safe Place is a location designated in the application as an approved place for your dog to be. Most people set up their home as the first Safe Place, and then add friends, neighbors, work, or doggy daycare. We recommend pairing each Safe Place with a WiFi network to take advantage of information uploading and power-save mode for battery preservation

Replacement/Return Questions:

What is the money-back guarantee and return policy?

If purchased from the Whistle store, the Whistle 3 has a 90-day risk free period to try out the tracker and make sure it’s a good fit for your family. If you are unsatisfied with the product for any reason, you can reach out to our support team to request a return, and we will guide you through the process

How do I contact support with a problem or question?

You can reach out to our helpful team via chat or email and we will be happy to assist you with any Whistle concerns!

Does Whistle have a warranty?

Yes, Whistle has a one year warranty from the date of purchase from an authorized retailer