Download the Whistle Pet Tracker app (pictured above) and follow the steps shown in our video walkthrough:


Here's the steps in case you would prefer to read them on your own:

  1. Open the Whistle app and you will see three options.  If you already have an account with Whistle, select 'Log In'.  If this is your first Whistle device you are setting up, select 'Set up Whistle'. If this is your first time with Whistle and you have been invited as an additional owner of a pet, select 'Got an invite code'.



2. If you choose Log In and this is your first Whistle GO / GO Explore device, you will be able to assign it to one of your current pet profiles or create a new pet.  If you already have an active Whistle GO and would like to add one to your account for either a new pet or to replace it for a current pet, you will need to navigate to the Human Stuff bottom tab (bottom far right icon) and select Add a Whistle from the list.

DevicePicker_List.png            Explore_Transfer.png

3. You will need to have Bluetooth turned on on your iPhone, which is how we find your Whistle device when it is on the charger and plugged in.

Go_BT.png Explore_BT.png

4. Setup will then take you through signing into your Wi-Fi after tapping Connect to Wi-Fi.


5. A list of Wi-Fi networks near you will appear once the device has finished scanning. Select your Wi-Fi network and enter the password on the next screen. Your Whistle will then connect to your selected Wi-Fi network. 


6. The next few screens you will create your pet's profile and a Human account.


7. Then, you will select a subscription and enter your credit card information.  


8. You will set up your first Safe Place, typically your home, by finding it on the map and selecting its size.  


9. Then let us know whether you want to be notified when your pet leaves Home, and you're all set! Please make sure you wait until you receive the notification that the tracker is fully activated before attaching it to your pet's collar (this can take up to 2 hours).

Note: If you haven't received an activation notification after 2 hours, try moving your tracker to a windowsill for better cell reception, or take the Whistle with you on an errand or trip!