Knowing the status of your tracker is important, and you can know a lot about your device without even opening the app!

Here is a list of the expected functions of the tracker and the corresponding color of the LED:


Pulsing blue (slow) - During set up, while the device is connecting to Bluetooth

Blinking blue (fast) - While the app is open near the Whistle tracker or during a Family Trip, transferring data via Bluetooth

Blinking red or amber/orange - Tracker's battery is very low and needs to be charged

Solid amber/orange - Tracker is charging

Solid green - Tracker is fully charged

Blinking green - Tracker is updating location (during Track or Locate)



  • During the Hard Reset steps, the tracker LED (either orange or green) should turn off for the duration, then come back on after 10-15 seconds
  • Blinking red light - the battery is very low, or an internal issue with the tracker. If the LED does not turn green after 2 hours, please contact support for assistance
  • Solid yellow light - internal issue with the tracker, please contact support for assistance

Please click here for more information about the Whistle GO Explore nightlight!